June 9, 2011

Back on Track

The last few years have been a bit difficult for me with personal issues, but it has come time to move on an get back on track.
I find that I don't like to repeat myself.... I like to constantly move forward and continue learning.I've had more of a push to seek out healthier whole foods in addition to the whole green smoothie thing.
This is where I found GNOWFGLINS.I won't even try to pronounce it (hope this doesn't offend, but it sounds yankee to me-ha!) but I will say that they have been an encouragement to me in my whole foods journey.
I've gone back to making yogurt and kefir, and even got some water grains to try out.
My newest fixation is the simplicity of sourdough. I've been baking bread from my own milled grain for about 6 years now, and feel that I've finally gotten the hang of it. So since I'm feeling proficient at it, I guess I need to do something to throw a wrench in the whole process. So I decided to start sourdough.
I haven't made any bread yet as I'm still growing my starter, but I'm anxiously awaiting another week or so to try it out.
You can download for free(!) the GNOWFGLINS starter guide. They also have a bunch of free recipes on their blog site as well.
I have also signed up for their ecourses and videos. I did just go for the trial one month, but I've been very impressed with the content. I am familiar with most of the skills, but sometimes I just need to 'see' how things are supposed to look for it to jive in my mind, and they fit the bill.
So I'm back to focusing on living simply, but keeping it healthy, fun and interesting!

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