May 24, 2011


I'm a big believer in sweating.
I didn't grow up athletic or into sports. I actually managed to get a doctor's excuse for PE thru out middle school and did the minimal requirements with alot of complaining during highschool.
In fact, I was the kinda chubby girl who was too smart to have to exercise, and I had very little confidence in my coordination.
This is one of those cases where I wish I could go back in time and kick my own butt. I definitely needed it at that point, and missed out on all of the benefits that exercise can bring.
I discovered how much I love exercise in my mid-20s. I kept it up with a vengence for most of my 30s and had wonderful pregnancies because of it.
Turns out, I'm actually more coordinated than I had thought. I might not ever play a sport for real, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy feeling like an athlete.
The problem is that when you stop exercise and increase eating, you get fat. That is unfortuntely where I am now.
Yes, I was doing the whole running thing last year, but I was just a really healthy chubby person, I believe.
So in addition to the running, I've added in a more deliberate exercise plan.
My new favorite series is the Inside Out series from Bob Harper. I've done all the Jillian dvds and love them, but they weren't enough. Or at least they were enough for me to blow off regularly. At 20 minutes they just didn't give me what I seem to currently need.
So I went to Bob instead. I got the whole series (under $40 for a set of 4 which is not a bad price) and love that you have the short workouts for busy days, but you have the longer one that will really result in changes.
I haven't done all of the workouts yet, as I am so out of shape. BUT I will get there.
At any rate, it is a nice change of pace and has enough variety so that I'm not bored with the same old thing.

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